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hi tumblr!

since the autumn/winter collections have been doing the rounds, it seems pertinent to mention that every alexander mcqueen collection since 2010 was designed by creative director sarah burton

mcqueen was an incredible guy who i admired a lot, but burton is a fucking fantastic designer and there really aren’t that many major fashion labels with a woman at the helm, so, you know, credit where credit is due

also it’s her 40th this year. congrats, sarah

Filed under alexander mcqueen fashion sarah burton in other words please stop reblogging 2012 and 2013 with 'omg he's my favourite' because no 'he' is not 'she' is although obviously his stuff is also superb but credit the right person who made the stuff you know what i'm talking about

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Burton is going to give me a heart attack, she just keeps inspiring and wowing me, as if she’s saying that’s just the start of what I can do.

In this collection you can really see McQueen coming out, as if he is her alter ego. I love when Tim Blanks says, “Burton duly injected the glossy black leather—a sinister barracuda slipping through the shoals of shimmer, like the spirit of her erstwhile mentor. She’ll never escape him; nor, it seems, does she want to.”  

Her art really speaks to me, she has proven again and again, her worthiness to continue the legacy of Alexander McQueen

Photo’s by WWD, Alexander McQueen RTW Spring 2012

i can only imagine how insanely hard it must be to take on another designer’s house - not to mention such a recent, raw and incredible house as mcqueen’s - and goodness but doesn’t burton do a wonderful job

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